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Welcome to my blog on internet entrepreneurship and aviation - I call it "entreviation" :-) On this blog I want to share thoughts, ideas and insights on these two passions with you.

Some background information about me:

I'm an internet entrepreneur from Germany and CEO of, Europe's event platform for online event invitations and do-it-yourself-ticketing. From 1997 to 2000, during final years at school, I ran a private company operating an online network of fansites. The network attracted several millions of visitors and pulled revenues from website and newsletter marketing. In 2000, I started studies of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. During this tenure, I worked at some great companies (BMW Munich, BMW Technology Office Palo Alto, Wellington Partners Venture Capital), spent quite some time abroad (ETH Zurich, Silicon Valley), met tons of interesting people (and good friends) and founded the non-profit organizations STARTmunich (fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship among unversity students) and SiROP-TUM (fosters interdisciplinary science projects). During the final year at university, I supervised a CS class project at Stanford University and contributed to the creation of the Google / BMW "Send to car" service. In fall 2006, I assembled the founding team of amiando and led the founding of the amiando AG which ultimately became Europe's first online portal for event organization and event online ticketing. I'm very proud of being a member of this great founders team and highly enjoy every minute of working together. Just a few months ago, we started expansion in Europe with very small offices in Switzerland and France. Entrepreneurship is fun :)


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